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My Wallace Ancestors

This Wallace family tree was compiled almost entirely from the public records available in Edinburgh, where I was able to trace a fairly complete pattern, knowing only my grandfather's age at the date of his death, the address where my father lived in Edinburgh in the 1920s and a few of his recollections of his uncle and cousins. The GRO's computerised indexes allow you to do some fairly speculative searches and to check the results immediately against the microfiches of the original records. Even better than that, this page caught the eye of one of the cousins I had never known - and now we have new family connections!  

John Wallace
Miller, of Peggy's Mill, Cramond
m. 31 Dec 1779 (marriage recorded at both Cramond and St. Cuthbert's Edinburgh)
Katharine Veitch, of Lauriston
dr. of David Veitch, farmer, of Musselburgh
bur. 28 September 1825
Old Calton Burying Grounds, Edinburgh

David Wallace
b. 27 Dec 1780, Edinburgh
chr. 15 Jan 1781, Cramond
bur. Mar 1853, Calton Old Burying Ground, Edinburgh
m.15 Dec 1829
Martha Mason, Leith
b. 2 Nov 1788, Kirkliston
d. 4 Jan 1867, Abbey Hill, Edinburgh

John Wallace
b. 22 Feb 1783, Portsbrough, Edinburgh
chr. 30 Sept 1783
Bristo New Church, Edinburgh
d. 10 July 1857, Croft-an-Righ
bur. Old Calton Burying Ground

George Wallace

John Wallace Katharine Veitch
George Wallace b. ?1789, ?Edinburgh
d. 24 April 1871 at 3 Croft-an-righ, Edinburgh
m.(1) Elizabeth Brown, dr. of John Brown, weaver, of Biggar
JAN 1822 at South Leith
John Wallace George Wallace
b. ?1831
d. 19 Oct. 1865
Alexander Wallace

m. (2) Rachael Scotland, 8 Jun 1851, of Inverkeithing
m. (3) Anne Smollett , 28 Nov 1852, of Lerwick

John Wallace Katharine Veitch
George Wallace Elizabeth Brown

John Wallace
b. ?1828
d. 2 OCT 1903, 57 Raeburn Place Edinburgh
Burial: ? Dean Cemetery
Coach Wheelwright
m.(1) 10 JUNE 1850 at United Presbyterian Church, Bread St Edinburgh
Margaret Keith, dr of Robert Keith, butler, of Allan St, Stockbridge, Edinburgh and Catherine Lyden
b. 9 JUN 1831, 109 St Leonard's St Edinburgh
d. 10 AUG 1869, 5 Croft-an-Righ Edinburgh

b ?1851
d 16 Apr 1873
Robert Keith Wallace
b 7 Apr 1856
d 7 Sept 1879
10 Marshall St
Toxteth Park Liverpool
David Keith Wallace Martha Mason Wallace
John Brown Wallace Peter  Lyden  Keith
b 4 Nov 1864
d 17 Mar 1866
Alexander Wallace

m.(2) Janet Scott
31 DEC 1872

George Wallace Elizabeth Brown
John Wallace Margaret Keith

David Keith Wallace
b. 30 AUGUST 1858, St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh
d. 25 SEPTEMBER 1935, Johannesburg, South Africa
m. (1) ??Mary Anne George

Ellen Edith Wallace

m. (2) Annie Field,
16 OCTOBER  1883
Trinity Church, Cape Town

George Wallace Elizabeth Brown
John Wallace Margaret Keith

John Brown Wallace
b. 6 September 1862, ?Edinburgh
d. 17 March 1936, Edinburgh
Upholsterer; Macer, Court of Sessions
m.23 JULY 1896 at Lady Glenorchy's Free Church
Elizabeth Hastie, dr. of David Hastie, Mason, and Isabella Reid
b. 4 September 1868
d. 11 August 1913
John Wallace David Hastie Wallace
b 7 DEC 1898
18th Bn., Highland Light Infantry
d. 20 JUL 1918
Nord, France.
Isabella Reid Wallace
b. 15 APR 1901
d. 10 OCT 1991
Hastie Strachan Wallace
m. James Proctor
Elizabeth Hastie Wallace
b. 5 OCT 1903
d. 1986
m.21 DEC 1940
Henry Rochhead Williamson

Malcolm Williamson

John Wallace Margaret Keith
John Brown Wallace Elizabeth Hastie

John Wallace
b. 3 JUL 1897, 8 Raeburn Place Edinburgh
d. 25 SEP 1957, 6 Balgreen Gardens Edinburgh
Commercial Clerk
m. Jane Watson

John Wallace Margaret Elizabeth Wallace Thomas Bell Wallace

George Wallace Elizabeth Brown
John Wallace Margaret Keith
Alexander Wallace
b. 22 APR 1867, 5 Croft-an-Righ Edinburgh
d. 19 NOV  1915, 6 Edgarley Terrace, Fulham, London SW6
Burial: Hanwell Cemetery 
Coachbuilder's painter
m. 16 NOV. 1891 at Durban, S.Africa
Aurora Blanche Searle

Henry John Wallace
b 19 DEC 1892
44th Btty/13 Bde, 
Taken prisoner Shatt-al-Adhaim 29/30 APR 1917
d. 5 DEC 1917
Nisibin, Turkey

Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery, Iraq
Margaret Emma Wallace Eileen Amelia Wallace
b. 18 NOV. 1898, Fulham
d. 8TH.? JAN 1922
Dorothy Mary Alexandra Wallace Alexander Robert Dickson Wallace

John Wallace Margaret Keith
Alexander Wallace Aurora Blanche Searle
Margaret Emma Wallace
b. 18 JUNE 1897, Shepherds Bush
d. 5 MAY 1945, Fulham
m. 6 AUG. 1923 at St. Etheldreda's  Fulham
Charles Udell
Gents hairdresser, Fulham

Denniston Charles Udell

John Alexander Udell

Charles Udell Margaret Emma Wallace
John Alexander Udell
m. Joan Brighton
Christopher J Udell Michael W Udell Laurence C Udell Susan E Udell

Charles Udell Margaret Emma Wallace
Denniston Charles Udell
m.(1)  Joyce Brampton

Lynne Udell

m.(2)  Sheila Robertson

Francis Charles Udell

m. (3) Christa Goll

John Wallace Margaret Keith
Alexander Wallace Aurora Blanche Searle
Dorothy Mary Alexandra Wallace
m. 24 JULY 1938 at St. Etheldreda's Fulham
Ivan Crowe

Martin Wallace Crowe
m. at All Saints' Fulham
Pamela Garrat

John Wallace Margaret Keith
Alexander Wallace Aurora Blanche Searle
Alexander Robert Dickson Wallace
b. 2 OCT. 1909, 19a Bronsart Road, Fulham
d. 29 SEPT. 1995, Putney, Queen Mary's Hospital
Burial: Putney Vale 
m.Nesta Muriel Rippon Wilson
David Alexander Rippon Wallace Patrick Jonathan Wallace

Alexander Robert Dickson Wallace Nesta Muriel Rippon Wilson
David Alexander Rippon Wallace
Chartered Electronics Engineer
m.10 OCT 1970
Nancy Joan Alexander
Social worker and teacher
Ian Alexander David Wallace

Stuart William Gordon Wallace

Hannah Jane Wallace

David Alexander Rippon Wallace Nancy Alexander
Ian Alexander David Wallace
m. Ruth Billett
17 OCT 2003
Matthew James Wallace
Lydia Wallace
Timothy Wallace 
Samuel Wallace 

David Alexander Rippon Wallace Nancy Alexander
Stuart William Gordon Wallace
and Joanne Egllngton-Drewitt
Willem Wallace Harriet Joanne Wallace

David Alexander Rippon Wallace Nancy Alexander
Hannah Jane Wallace
3 MAY 2014
Sherman Singh  Harvey Russell Bundock-Singh

James Alexander Wallace Singh

John Wallace Jane Watson
John Wallace
m. 28 SEP 1962, Edinburgh,
Elizabeth Walker

Duncan Wallace
m. June 1987
Dawn Gemmell

Duncan John Wallace
Moira Wallace
m. 26 APR 1997 John Hoath

Alexander Hoath Kieran William Hoath


John Wallace Jane Watson
Margaret Elizabeth Wallace
m. (1) 23 NOV 1963 Brian Bainbridge
Fiona Bainbridge
Bobby Bainbridge

m. (2) John Maynard
Jordan Station, Ontario


John Wallace Jane Watson
Thomas Bell Wallace
m. 29 JUL 1967 Irene Elizabeth Thurtell
Gavin Wallace
m. 27 May 2000 Michelle Edsall

Braeden James Wallace
Jennifer Wallace
m. 1997 Darin Witherspoon (later Wallace)

Catriona Joy Wallace


John Wallace Margaret Keith

Martha Mason Wallace
b 4 DEC 1860
d. 19 AUG 1942, 3 Grange Rd Edinburgh
m. 22 OCT 1880 Laurence Baxter Collins
d. 14 APR 1934, 3 Grange Rd Edinburgh
Margaret Keith Collins
b 25 NOV 1880
d 1958
Isabella McGregor Collins
b 19 FEB1883
d 1883
Martha Mason Collins
b 7 DEC 1884
d 1901
Catherine Collins
b 1890
d 1890
Laura Baxter Collins
b 4 MAY 1899
m. 27 JUN 1921
Norman M. Roberts

Constance M Roberts
d. 2005
m. Michael Kennedy-Smellie


John Wallace Margaret Keith
Helen (or Ellen) Wallace
b.?1853/1854 ?Edinburgh
d. 15 SEP 1929, 57 Raeburn Place, Edinburgh
m. 24 DEC 1886 at 16 St John's Hill, Edinburgh
William Archibald Plews (d. 17 SEP 1921 at 57 Raeburn Place)
Cellarman/Grocer's Asst/Cab Driver

Matthew Archibald Plews

Margaret Keith Plews
b. 24 AUG 1892 at Gayfield St Edinburgh
m. Peter Stewart  
(who d..1960, Aberdeen)

John Wallace Plews
b. 31 DEC 1896
at 9 Doncaster St Glasgow
m. Ameliia Scott Sutherland
(who d. 1972 St Andrews Edinburgh)

John Wallace Katharine Veitch
Helen Wallace William Archibald Plews

Matthew Archibald Plews
b. 29 DEC 1886
at 24 Gayfield Sq. Edinburgh
d. 1935 Morningside
m. 28 AUG 1908
Marion Walker Lawrie
(who d. 1921 Haymarket)

William  Archibald Plews
John Wallace Plews
m. 1942 Canongate & Portobello
Jessie Braid Watson
b.1914 (who d. 1974,
William Archbald  Plews
b.1920 St Bernard
d. 2011 Edinburgh
m. 1949 , Canongate Edinburgh
Agnes Brown J. Wilson
b.1925 (who d.
2001 N. Berwick)
Thelma Marion Plews
b.1922 St Bernard
d. 2009 Auchterarder
m. 1942 Canongate & Portobello
Douglas James Bates
(who d. 11 DEC 1942,
HMS Algerine)

John Wallace Margaret Keith
David Wallace ?Mary Anne George
Edith Ellen Elizabeth Wallace
b. 14 Aug 1882, Johannesburg
d. 22 Apr 1960, Johannesburg
m. (1) 
12 Aug 1901,Presbyterian Church, Pietermaritzburg
Thomas Alfred Steggall

Muriel Minnie Steggall
b. 1 Mar 1902, Johannesburg
d. 1976
m. 27 Nov 1927
Robert Fraser

John Fraser

Coral-Lynn Fraser

Duncan Fraser

Alfred Wallace Steggall (later Weaver)

m. (2) Johannesburg
Leonard Christopher Weaver (later Leonard Alfred Eves-Weaver) 
d. 20 Aug 1949, mine explosion, N. Rhodesia

    John Wallace Margaret Keith
Thomas Alfred Steggall Edith Ellen Wallace
Alfred Wallace Steggall (later Weaver)
b. 20 Oct 1906, Johannesburg
d. 28 Mar 1994, Durban
m. 23 Jul 1932, Uganda
Bertha Ida Machtilda Geleyns
Leonard John Weaver

Richard Wallace Weaver

Mary Elizabeth Weaver


Thomas Alfred Steggall Edith Ellen Wallace
Alfred Wallace Steggall (later Weaver) Bertha Ida Machtilda Geleyns
Leonard John Weaver
b. 10 June 1926
d. 24 June 2006
m. 11 May 1963, Pershore
Penelope Ann Sturge Young
Richard Charles Gavin Weaver Sophie Anne Weaver Nicholas Leonard Weaver Simon John Weaver


Thomas Alfred Steggall Edith Ellen Wallace
Alfred Wallace Steggall (later Weaver) Bertha Ida Machtilda Geleyns
Mary Elizabeth Weaver
m. (1) Gunnar Drago

Gabriella Drago

Amanda Drago
m. Paul King

Nicholas Alexander Drago

m. (2) Peter Moore

Thomas Alfred Steggall
b. 30 Oct 1876, Stratford
d. 20 Jun 1944, Port Elizabeth
m. (1)  Edith Ellen Wallace
m. (2  Alma Douthwaite
4 Dec 1912

Thomas Theodore Steggall
8 Nov 1913, Pretoria
d. 1933
m. (3) Catherine A. Finnegan

George Wallace Elizabeth Brown
Alexander Wallace b. ?1839
m. on 30 NOV 1865 at Edinburgh
Jessie Campbell
b. ?1843, ?Oban
Elizabeth Wallace
b. ?1865
Ann Smollett Wallace
b. 23 Apr 1868
George Wallace
b. 10 Jan 1870
d. 28 Jan 1871
Grace Campbell Wallace
b. 4 Jul 1872
Alexander Wallace
b. 25 Nov 1873
John Wallace
b. 14 Sep 1875
Isabella Brown Wallace
b. 15 Jun 1877
d. 1947
George Wallace
b. 24 Dec 1879

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