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My Rippon Ancestors

The Rippon family history has been fairly clear from censuses, which place my great-great grandfather George in close proximity to his brother Richard, and directories, which identify the tobacconist's business in Bartholomew Close, London, which Richard and his uncle ran. The name Crofton re-occurs frequently within the Corke family that George's daughter Mary married into; this, combined with the Mormons' International Genealogical Index and a web-based index of marriages in North Yorkshire led me back a further generation.

My great-great-grandfather George Rippon married the daughter of Joseph Baron Symes.  A reference in the London Gazette to a legal dispute over his father's will  turned up a connection to Jamaica, in that, as revealed in the online Jamaica parish registers, he was the son of a longstanding relationship (there were several siblings) between John Symes, an attorney whose will mentions his slaves, and  a woman of mixed race.  Records for John Symes's origins are limited, but he was clearly educated at his father's expense; but his apprenticeship articles in the National Archives indicate that one term finished before its due time, and was completed by his signing himself into articles for the remaining period. This would suggest that he might himself have been illegitimate, though recognised and supported by his father perhaps up to the age of 21; but the fact  that his admission to the Middle Temple Law School records him as the "oldest son of Robert Symes, of Jamaica" suggests otherwise. Perhaps he simply annoyed his father by marrying without permission?  

John Rippon
m. 17 JULY 1783 at Boldon, Co Durham
Jane Crofton
b. ?1755 Heworth N Yorks
Jane Crofton Rippon
b. ?1791
Abraham Crofton Rippon Richard Rippon George Rippon

John Rippon Jane Crofton
Abraham Crofton Rippon b. ?1793
m.Eliza ?Brakspear
Eliza Brakspear Rippon
b. ?1836
Jane Crofton Rippon
b. ?1838
Abraham Crofton Rippon
b. ?1839
Ann Harriet Rippon
b. ?1842
Jessy Rippon
b. ?1858
William Brakspear Rippon Emily Mary Rippon
b. ?1846
Alice Maude Rippon
b. ?1847
Arthur Rippon
b. ?1851

John Rippon      
Abraham Crofton Rippon Eliza ?Brakspear
William Brakspear Rippon
b. 6 MAR 1844, London, St Sepulchre
m.1 JUNE 1867 at St Bartholomew the Great, London
Amelia Partridge

John Rippon Jane Crofton
Richard Rippon m.Harriot ?
b. ?1800/1801, London
John Abraham Rippon
b. ?1827
d. ?BEFORE 1841
Harriot Ann Rippon
b. ?1829
d. ?BEFORE 1841
Richard Oliver Rippon
b. ?1831
d. ?BEFORE 1841
Jane Rippon
b. ?1832
George William Rippon
b. ?1835
Elizabeth Rippon
b. ?1837
Mary Rippon
b. ?1839/1840

John Rippon Jane Crofton
George Rippon
b. ?1798
d. 2 MARCH 1861, St Bartholomew's Hospital
m.7 JUNE 1846 at St Giles Cripplegate
Mona Murray Symes chr. 18 SEP 1818, St Giles, Camberwell
 d. 3 FEB 1888, 98 Lauriston Road Hackney
Burial: 7 FEB 1888, Gt Northern Cemetery Southgate

Mary Rippon
b. 5 AUGUST 1846, Lying-in Hospital, City Road
d. 17 FEB 1885, Crofton Lodge, Friern Barnet
Burial: 21 FEB 1885, Gt Northern Cemetery Southgate 
m.27 APRIL 1867 at Register Office Hackney
Benjamin Corke

John Symes Elizabeth Bradshaw Bonney
Joseph Baron Symes b 10 FEB 1780
chr. 11 AUG 1781
Kingston, Jamaica;
scholar at St Paul's School 179411JA
Lt. Royal London (West) Militia 15 MAR 1810
m. Mary ?
Harry Beckford Symes
b 24 SEP 1810
chr. 9 NOV 1817
St Mary
Edward Wolstonecraft Symes
b 17 MAR 1812
chr. 9 NOV 1817
St Mary
Mary Elizabeth Symes
b 14 SEP 1814
chr. 9 NOV 1817
St Mary
Charles Richard Symes b 26 NOV
chr. 26 JAN 1817
St Matthew
Bethnal Green
Mona Murray Symes
d.o.b not known, chr.18 SEP1818
St Giles
Augustus Murray Symes
b 19 AUG1820
chr. 1 OCT 1820
St Matthew
Bethnal Green
James Augustus Symes
b 29 MAR 1822
chr. 22 MAY 1822
St Matthew
Bethnal Green
Maria Louisa Symes
b 3 AUG 1824
chr. 29 AUG 1824
St Matthew
Bethnal Green
m. ?  Stebbins
Rosina Stebbins
m. Charles Gread

Robert Symes
John Symes
?born around 1740
Admitted to Middle Temple as "oldest son of Robert Symes of Jamaica" 13 MAY 1756
articled by Robert Symes of the parish of St John the Evangelist , Westminster to  John Grace of the parish of St George the Martyr, Southwark
for four years from 26 November 1757
articled by himself to Thomas Strangeways of Gray's Inn for one year and twenty days from  1 June 1763
d. 19 DEC 1808, St Catherine Parish, Jamaica
Attorney, Assistant Judge, slaveowner

m. (1) ?Hester or Esther  who d. ?between 1766 and 1768
?James Symes
?b. 16 JAN 1762
?chr. 7 FEB 1762
St Sepulchre, Holborn
?Mary Symes
?b. 22 JAN 1764
?chr. 12 FEB 1764
St James, Clerkenwell
?Elizabeth (Betsy) Symes
?b. 2 JUN 1765
?chr. 16 JUN 1765
St James, Clerkenwell
m. John Wiseman

(with Charlotte Barnes
"a free Mulatto") William Symes
b. about 1768
chr. 10 MAR 1772, Kingston, Jamaica
(with Charlotte Barnes
"a free Mulatto")
John Symes
b. about 1770
chr. 11 FEB 1773
Kingston, Jamaica
?died before 1781
(with Elizabeth Bradshaw Bonny
"a free Mulatto")
Robert Symes b. 21 AUG 1771
chr. 10 MAR 1772
Kingston, Jamaica
George Bathurst Symes
b. ?1771
bur. 3 OCT 1853
St Leonard's Shoreditch;
Ensign, 39th Regt of Foot 29 MAR 1799,
Lt, 68th Regt of Foot,
21 AUG 1801
To half-pay
29 MAR 1817
m. 4 MAY 1799
Elizabeth Heard Tucker
(Elizabeth Bradshaw Bonny
”a free Mulatto” )
Sophia Symes
b 31 MAR 1775
chr. 18 JUL 1775
bur. 13 APR 1776,
Kingston, Jamaica
(with Elizabeth Bradshaw Bonny
"a free Quadroon")
Thomas Bell Symes

(with Elizabeth Bradshaw Bonney
"a free Mulatto") Joseph Baron Symes
b 10 FEB 1780
chr. 11 AUG 1781
Kingston, Jamaica;
scholar at St Paul's School 1794
Lt. Royal London (West) Militia 15 MAR 1810
(with Elizabeth Bradshaw Bonney
"a free Mulatto") John Symes
b 8 APR 1781
chr. 11 AUG 1781
Kingston, Jamaica;
scholar at St Paul's School 1794
(with Elizabeth Bonney
"a free Quadroon") Henry Symes b 24 SEP 1789
chr. 14 JUN 1790
Kingston, Jamaica
(with Elizabeth Bonner
"a free Mulatto")
Arabella Symes
b. 11 JAN 1792
chr. 14 APR 1795
Kingston, Jamaica
?bur. 13 MAR 1803
St Sepulchre

Robert Symes
slaveowner, Oxford plantation
St Mary Parish
d. Esher, Surrey, 1783

?m. ?Elizabeth Payne, 8 July 1738, St. Philip's, Antigua
John Symes

m. (2) Jane ?Watson (widow) ?25 SEP 1752,
?Kingston, Jamaica
?George Turnpenny Symes
Ensign, Coldstream Guards 1772
d. 18 JUN 1774
bur. Esher
25 JUL 1774
Mary Symes
chr. 23 MAR 1761, Esher
d. 18 JUN 1827
m. 23 APR 1783
Rowland Edward Williams
of Antigua
and Thames Ditton
(d. 8 DEC 1826)
Catherine Symes
bur. Esher
6 JUL 1763
Catherine Symes
chr. 26 AUG 1764, Esher
m 21 JAN 1785
Henry Swann (1760-1824)
later MP
William Leigh Symes
chr. 19 MAR 1768,
d. DEC 1796,
St Mary Parish, Jamaica
Daniel Symes
chr. 7 DEC 1769,
bur. 23 AUG 1770, Esher
Daniel Symes
bur. 29 FEB 1774,
Jane Symes
m. Thomas Marsham
Elizabeth Symes
bur. Esher 1784

John Symes Elizabeth Bradshaw Bonney
Thomas Bell (Villiers) Symes
b. 15 JUN 1779
Kingston, Jamaica
Admitted to Middle Temple
20 SEP 1802
Called to the Bar
27 NOV 1807
Lt. Royal London (East) Militia 16 MAY 1810
m. Sarah Tucker 1 JUN 1812, St Magnus Martyr, London
John Bell Villars Symes
b  8 DEC 1813
Lee, Kent
Thomas Amelius Villars Symes
b. 22 JUN 1815
Lee, Kent

William Tucker
m. Elizabeth Plumer
13 Dec 1772, St Michael, Cornhill
Sarah Tucker
m. Thomas Bell Villiers Symes
Elizabeth Heard Tucker
b  9 DEC 1774
m. George Bathurst Symes
Elisabeth Mary Tucker b. 10 JUN 1787

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