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My Cowie Ancestors

The earlier family history of my Cowie ancestors below is somewhat speculative. My great-grandmother Barbara's birth, and that of most of her siblings, is clearly recorded in the registers of the Catholic Apostolic Church in Westminster, where they were baptised by Edward Irving, the Church's founder, who had left his ministry at the Church of Scotland's London church after developing a new theological vision (I think). The oldest children were baptised in that Church of Scotland parish. However, Barbara had an older brother or half-brother Alexander, whose wife was the sister to the man who eventually married Barbara; and there is another David Cowie (the same name as Barbara's father), also a shoemaker in London, who might have been another brother or half-brother. While I can find a marriage that might be that of Barbara's parents, it is clearly too late to be that of Alexander's parents; but there is no trace of an earlier marriage or of Alexander's birth.

David Cowie b. ?1789, ?Fife
d. 1846, London
m.(1) ?
David Cowie Alexander Cowie
b. ?22. FEB 1819,
m.17 AUGUST 1848
at Old St Pancras Church
Mary Foster Wilson
Marion Cowie
George Cowie

m.(2) 23 Aug 1822, St Cuthberts Parish Edinburgh
Barbara ?Masterton
Margaret Cowie
b. 24 AUGUST 1829,
Half Moon Court
Stanhope St
d. ?bef. 1831
Margaret  Cowie  Barbara Cowie
b. 4 APRIL 1833
d. 22 NOV 1920
65 Windsor Rd 
Joseph Wilson
Rebecca Walker Cowie
b. 7 FEB 1835
Ossulston St.
Somers Town
Ann Cowie
18 JAN 1837
109 Cromer St
Gray's Inn Lane
Jabez Cowie
b. 25 NOV 1838
109 Cromer St
Gray's Inn Lane
d. ?bef. 1841

David Cowie ?
David Cowie
b. ?1816
m.Jane ? b. ?1813
David Richard Cowie
b. ?1843
Elizabeth Cowie
b. 1844
Jane Cowie
b. 1844
d. 1848
Alexander Cowie
b. ?1846

William Cowie b. ?1848
d. 16 JUNE 1855

Barbara Cowie
b. 1855
d. 8 MARCH 1856

David Cowie ?

George Cowie b. ?1826
m.Sarah ?
b. 1824, Glasbury, Brecon
Sarah Cowie
b. 1850
d. 25 JUNE 1851
Catherine Cowie
b. 1850
d. 18 OCTOBER 1851

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